No-Fail Baby Showers

Celebrate the babies-to-come with this foolproof shower guide

Ah, babies — little bundles of joy that come wrapped in cozy pink or blue cashmere. Well, not all babies come this way, but they certainly should! But before the nine months of pregnancy are up and the baby arrives, there is a whole lot to plan, including a baby shower! Yes, somewhere between registering and decorating there will be a gathering with family and friends to celebrate the new addition to the family and help the mother-to-be prepare for what’s to come.

It’s easy to theme a baby shower since there is the obvious option of boy or girl, but if the parents-to-be are playing the guessing game, the shower motif could reflect that as well — try a ladies-only brunch or a guys and girls "guess-the-sex party" or even an intimate affair at home. Whatever the theme, remember to make this a special and personal celebration for the parents-to-be.

Here are some of our helpful tips to plan a no-fail baby shower:


Baby Shower Trends You May Actually Enjoy

If you haven’t received the memo, its 2012, and the days of tacky games and played-out themes are long gone. These bridal shower trends reflect what’s happening in the party world today and are pretty darn creative.



Ridiculous Baby Shower Games

Most shower games really aren’t the most fun to play, but at least they’re bearable. But this list consists of the downright oddballs. It includes "Sniff the Diaper." Enough said? We think so, too.



5 Amazing Celebrity Baby Showers

Need inspiration? Take a hint from a few past celebrity showers, like Victoria Beckham’s pink princess tea party or Sheryl Crow’s environmentally friendly bash. These showers, thrown by other celebrity pals and professional planners, are perfect for finding unique and over-the-top ideas!


A Bird’s Nest-Themed Baby Shower

This chameleon-like themed shower can translate to more than one occasion. For this instance, however, a soft palette would fit well for spring months when the weather is beginning to warm and flowers are nearing full bloom — like the baby!


Simple Baby Shower Menu

Just because it’s a celebration doesn’t mean it has to hurt your wallet. Host a tasteful and bountiful bash with a menu that is easy to plan, can be made in advance, and is filled with a surplus of crowd-pleasers.



Elaborate Baby Shower Menu

On the other hand, if money is not an issue, go all-out and create a menu that consists of all the indulgences — maybe even a menu of the mother-to-be's cravings! This is a great reference if you're hosting an upscale party and want the menu to match.