Cup Noodle Rolls Out Beef-Topped Ramen Ice Cream

This noodle-flavored ice cream is topped with beef and shrimp

Nissin Cup Noodles now have a ramen-flavored ice cream topped with dried ramen ingredients like shrimp and beef.

Not all flavor combinations have that wonderful chocolate and peanut butter moment where two good flavors turn out to work even better together, but that's not stopping anybody from trying for something unexpected. The latest off-the-wall experiment comes from Japan, where executives at Nissin Cup Noodles took instant ramen and thought, “Wouldn’t this be great if instead of noodles it were ice cream?”

According to Rocket News 24, everyone’s favorite cheap dorm food has been turned into a soft serve treat, but the ice cream is a special novelty only available at the Nissin Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama.

Nissin actually made two ramen-flavored ice creams. One is flavored like soy ramen, and the other is flavored like curry ramen. Both are served in little Styrofoam replicas of the famous Cup Noodle packaging, but then they’re also topped with an array of freeze-dried ramen ingredients like dried shrimp, cubes of beef, potato pieces, and chopped chives. It is unclear how good any of those things will taste on ice cream.