Nine Beers No One Is Drinking

24/7 Wall St. recently compiled a list of nine popular beers in the U.S. that have fallen by the wayside, and we were shocked at some of the classics that made the list. With new small-market, specialty beers and light beers from macro brewers rapidly improving in sales over the past few years, many traditional, full-calorie beers are disappearing from the market. Take Budweiser as an example: the full-calorie favorite for many years has recently decreased in sales, falling to third place in domestic sales to Coors Light. Bud Light, its reduced calorie counterpart, outstripped the competition with nearly 40 million barrels sold last year.

To assemble the list, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed beer brands that have attained a decline in sales of 30 percent or more over the past five years. Many regular calorie beers made the list, but we also saw several light beers faded from the competition, thanks to beers like Coors Light and Bud Light. Analysts blame both the economy and lack of innovation from the brewers. With new specialty beers hitting the market, 24/7 Wall St. editor Eric Shepard explained, "It was... a lack of innovation, and so now you're seeing [the beer industry] rev up these things."

Unfortunately, these beers didn't make the cut:

9. Milwaukee's Best Light; sales loss of 35.5 percent
8. Miller High Life Light; sales loss of 37.6 percent
7. Amstel Light; sales loss of 47.7 percent
6. Miller Genuine Draft; sales loss of 52.3 percent
5. Old Milwaukee; sales loss of 52.8 percent
4. Milwaukee's Best; sales loss of 57.1 percent
3. Budweiser Select; sales loss of 60.8 percent
2. Michelob Light; sales loss of 66.3 percent
1. Michelob; sales loss of 72 percent

Did your favorite beer make the cut? Were you surprised by what you saw? We know we were.