Nick Offerman Performs Slam Poem For Bacon

Parks and Recreations' Ron Swanson may have a ton of noteworthy food moments, but none are as amazing as his infinite love for bacon. So naturally, Nick Offerman doing slam poetry with some drums as an ode to bacon is just what this world needs.

Courtesy of College Humor, here is Nick Offerman going on about what bacon means to him, using complex literary devices to bring the story from morning to three days later. Sample lines: "The world is split into two halves the bacon and the bacon eaters/ utensils don't make the bacon sweeter."

So, are you the bacon, or the bacon eater? Offerman is obviously a bacon eater. "Before I know it it's been three days/ I smile my lips bacon glazed/ I'm correct/ I'm finished/ life is diminshed down to its grizzly bear essence/of bacon and me." Watch it all below, with a heaping portion of bacon for total immersion.