The Next Planking: McDiving in McDonald's

Staff Writer
In which silly teens dive over the counter at a McDonald's, just because

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Following the trend of planking, Tebowing, and milking, a new ridiculous and completely pointless trend has surfaced on the Internet: McDiving.

The Daily Mail reports that undergraduate students in Bath, Newcastle, and Aberdeen have been filming themselves McDiving, which is really just having someone dive over the counter at McDonald's, oftentimes surprising unsuspecting employees.

Rumor has it, the trend started at Leeds University, a products of one too many beers, a need for food, and a lame sense of humor, we suppose. Since then, it's gotten some play on YouTube, so we're just waiting for it to make it stateside.

Other past ridiculousness from the millennials? Milking, where students pour cartons of milk over their head (is it good for their hair?), planking, which has kids laying face down in public spaces, and Tebowing, where kids kneel down in Tim Tebow's classic pose in public (see also: Bradying). Check out a video of some kid McDiving below, as we shake our heads and mutter, millennials.

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