Yum Brands Drops Communist Logo for Vietnamese Concept Shop

Yum Brands Drops Communist Logo for Vietnamese Concept Shop

Banh Shop has announced that it will change its controversial logo.

Yum! Brands has announced that it will change the red star logo of its newly opened, fast-casual Vietnamese concept Banh Shop, following public outcry over the symbol that resonated publically as an emblem of Communism.

Banh Shop opened in Dallas less than a week ago, with more locations expected to follow throughout Texas.

Soon after, Thanh Cung, the president of the Vietnamese-American Community of Greater Dallas started a petition directed at Yum! Brands.

"We are hurt and offended by your chosen logo, a red star, which is a symbol of communism and will offend thousands of South Vietnamese refugees in my community," wrote Cung.

"The heavy majority of Vietnamese living in the Dallas area are political and religious refugees who fled Vietnam when North Vietnamese communist rule started in 1975."

In an email to CNBC, Yum! Brands senior vice president and chief of public affairs, confirmed that the company was taking action.

"It was never our intent to offend anyone, but we see we have made a mistake and in hindsight, we should have recognized this logo could be offensive,” wrote Blum. “Therefore, and effective immediately, we are changing the logo and removing the red star from all materials and signage at the restaurant."

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