You Can Now Order a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie at Pizza Hut

You Can Now Order a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie at Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

The charity promotion will only run on July 16, but you can get your chocolate chip cookie fix anytime after that too!

Pizza Hut is offering you the chance to experience their new Hershey’s ultimate chocolate chip cookie, and donate money to fight world hunger while you’re at it. Pizza Hut will be introducing the new gigantic 8-inch cookie made with Hershey’s Chocolate this week, and to sweeten the deal, on July 16 the pizza chain will donate 10 percent of all cookie order profits to the World Food Programme. Hershey has also announced that they will match the donations up to $50,000. It’s what Pizza Hut is calling “the Ultimate Bake Sale.”

We’re not really sure what the “ultimate chocolate chip cookie” is, but we are guessing that is has something to do with the fact that each cookie imitates a personal pizza, and is divided into eight slices. We do know that there will be an average of 165 chips in each cookie.

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“Hershey makes some of the world’s most delicious treats and our Pizza Hut chefs are ecstatic to use iconic Hershey products on our dessert menu,” said Carrie Walsh, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut.   “Our fans are in for an amazing and great-tasting experience.”

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