You Can Now Get $120 Black Truffle Beer

Moody’s Tongue Brewing’s shaved black truffle beer is now being offered through a lottery system
You Can Now Get $120 Black Truffle Beer
Moody's Tongue

For the beer lover who has tasted everything… why not?

Gourmet flavored beers have dominated the brewing scene in recent years, from the ever-popular pumpkin spice beer, to the summery fruit-flavored ales. Now you can kick it up a notch with shaved black truffle beer, available from Chicago-based Moody Tongue's Brewery for $120 a pop. But you’ll have to win a spot in Moody Tongue's lottery to taste the extremely-limited release of this umami pilsner. Five hundred Chicago-ans (or really, any beer fan who’s willing to travel)  out of those who sign up will be chosen at random to pick up the beer between December 1 and 5, and those initial tasters will also have the opportunity to buy more for future releases.

"It's not about an appetite for a $120 beer — it's an appetite for a beer made with real hand-shaved black truffles," Moody Tongue's Brewery founder Jared Rouben told the Chicago Tribune. "Shaved truffles on pasta, you eat in three or four minutes and then you move on to the next course. This beer you can swirl and sip as long as you want. It's showcasing truffles in a completely different format."

If you do cough up the $120 to pay for this rare beer, you won’t be getting much alcohol content: it’s only five percent alcohol by volume. That said, the inventors are calling the beer, “the best vehicle” for black truffle. Drink up and pair with something loaded with olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano. 

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