YellowChair: The Social Network for Food and Drink Lovers

Yellowchair invites its members to unique food and drink experiences from a pizza and wine pairing to a mixology class

Unique events surrounding food and drink? Count us in!

Have you ever wanted to try new food, wines and spirits in an environment with other eager foodistas? You could try for a table at one of New York’s hundreds of high-end restaurants, or attempt to get tickets to the city’s Wine and Food Festival. Or you could sign up for yellowchair:  the new social network and event website that’s a cross between Groupon, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites. This new concept, which touts itself as the “social media network of foodistas,” provides a community and an impressive calendar of events for its members.

The members-only dining and drinking experiences provided by yellowchair include wine tastings, food pairings, and mixology classes. You can put your sniffing and swirling skills to the test and learn the art of blind wine tasting in the wine cellar of New York Vintners, or attend a Mad Men-themed dinner party. Ticket prices for experiences range from $50-$270 person.

Yellowchair just launched under the tutelage of Dana Goldstein and Corey Sandlofer, so it’s still growing. But in the coming months, more events will be added to the calendar. Besides the set calendar of events, members also have access to event spaces to create their own evenings, hire a chef, or rent out a space for their next party.

“Think of it as an innovative version of dinner with friends - and new friends," said Sandlofer. "You don't book a table just for your individual party. You make a reservation and join other yellowchair members – thereby socializing with like-minded foodies, travelers, tastemakers – and enlarging your circle of acquaintances.”

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi