The Wonut, A New Waffle Doughnut Hybrid, Takes Center Stage

Another day, another doughnut pastry hybrid. Meet the wonut, a waffle/doughnut hybrid created in Chicago's Waffles Café. Even though we can't help but roll our eyes at every cronut variation out there, this one does look pretty delicious. The wonut is created, according to Thrillist, by thickening some waffle batter (in chocolate, original, or red velvet flavors), cooking and deep-frying the waffles, and dipping them in an assortment of glazes, and finally topping them with sprinkles or chocolate shavings.

The wonut will definitely be added to The Daily Meal's 60 Hybrid Foods Worth Knowing (Slideshow)

Since the wonut picked up speed in popularity, chef Alex Hernandez has been selling out his creations ($2.25 each) every day (just like the original cronuts), and has had some trouble keeping up with the demands for business and press.

"We're trying to get enough bodies in here to keep the quality of the product up," he told the Chicago Tribune, noting that the quality of the treat is important to the two locations of his restaurant. Last week, after they sold out, a customer offered $100 for a wonut which sells for $2.25. Chef Hernandez allegedly refused the $100, but instead made a new batch for his hungry customer.

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