Who Ya Gonna Call? Krispy Kreme's ‘Ghostbusters’ Doughnuts!


Who Ya Gonna Call? Krispy Kreme's ‘Ghostbusters’ Doughnuts!

In preparation of the 30th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters movie (yes, we said 30 years!), Krispy Kreme is celebrating with some delicious doughnut homages to the iconic ‘80s film, available at participating Krispy Kreme locations from September 29 through Halloween.

“We are delighted to bring our fans two delicious limited edition treats that are as unique, creative and joyful as the beloved Ghostbusters film franchise,” said Dwayne Chambers, Krispy Kreme’s Chief Marketing and Innovations Officer.

The doughnuts are available in two varieties: a marshmallow Kreme-filled shell decorated with the Ghostbusters logo, and Slimer’s green splat in icing; as well as a Stay Puft marshmallow doughnut decorated with the face of the famous movie villain. The doughnuts will be available in conjunction with the release of the special 30th anniversary Ghostbusters Blue-Ray, which will contain hours of bonus material and interviews with the cast.

These doughnuts will have to tide us over until the release of Ghostbusters III (minus Harold Ramis, of course; R.I.P.).

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