Which Huge Soda Company Is Behind this 'Craft' Cola?

A major beverage brand’s sleek new artisanal cola looks to be aimed squarely at millennials
Which Huge Soda Company is Behind the Making of this ‘Craft’ Cola?

Caleb's Kola

Caleb's Kola is named after the founder of a major American soda.

Pepsi aims to make the most of a growing public interest in food transparency with a new “craft” soda called Caleb’s Kola, named after Caleb Bradham, the pharmacist who invented the formula for Pepsi in 1893.

The “kola” in the name refers to the kola nut, the caffeine-containing fruit of the kola tree from which the term “cola” was born.

Caleb’s Kola lists “a blend of sustainable Fair Trade cane sugar, kola nuts from Africa, a special blend of spices from around the world, and a hint of citrus” among its ingredients, topped with “just the right amount of carbonation resulting in a distinct foamy head.”

As the Huffington Post points out, Caleb’s Kola looks to be geared particularly toward “people in their 20s and 30s in particular — a group referred to as millennials,” who are particularly interested in authenticity in products, and who wield a considerable amount of purchasing power.

For the time being, Caleb’s Kola is only available at select Costco locations in Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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