Watch: This Adorable Baby is Dumbfounded by Solid Food

Watch Baby Nolan eat sweet potatoes for the first time in awe

Honestly, who doesn’t love watching an adorable baby in awe of a new food?

Back before YouTube, we only had our own VHS tapes to dust off if we wanted to watch videos of cute babies doing stuff for the first time. Now we have the whole Internet for that! Meet baby Nolan, who is, let’s be honest, one of the most adorable babies we’ve ever seen. This video shows Nolan’s mom feeding him solid food for the first time, and the kid is clearly in awe.

He stares, dumbfounded, at the spoonful of sweet potatoes, then makes a scrunched-up “what are you putting in there?” face, as his mom pulls the airplane trick to feed him the orange glop. But Nolan is clearly loving it and smiles in satisfaction, as if to say, “so this is food? Why have you been holding out on me, woman?”

Little Zachary, meanwhile, is not so thrilled.

Hey, you know what they say. Different strokes for different folks. Different gravy for different…babies.

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