Want to Win Free Taco Bell For Life?

Want to Win Free Taco Bell For Life?
Want to Win Free Taco Bell For Life?
Taco Bell

It’s like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets, except instead of free chocolate, you win a lifetime supply of heartburn.

You now have the chance (albeit, a slim chance) to win a lifetime supply of Taco Bell. Taco Bell recently announced that it will be hiding 11 golden tickets, errr, “Everlasting Dollars” (regular dollar bills with unique serial numbers), inside 11 Taco Bell locations across America. If you find one of these precious dollars, you could have the chance to win free Taco Bell for life. If you’re wondering, Taco Bell for life is equivalent to $10,000 (minus taxes; you have to pay for those yourself), or $216 per year for 46 years. That’s approximately 5,000 Cheesy Gordita Crunches or 4,500 A.M. Crunchwraps.

Yes, that’s a lot of Taco Bell. In case you’re wondering the elusive Everlasting Dollars were released in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Nashville.

Only one in eleven winners will get the grand prize (the rest of you are stuck with booby prizes), and even that’s a long shot.  Only one in 2,400,000,000 will win. Whoa, those are some odds.

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