This Vertical Farm Skyscraper May Change Our Cities Forever

This Vertical Farm Skyscraper May Change Our Cities Forever
OVA Studio

The Hive-Inn farm would seriously re-vamp the way urbanites eat, by providing very local produce.

Imagine a future where you could pick fresh produce in downtown Manhattan just by visiting a vertical farm right down the block, or where restaurants could use local ingredients from that same quirky-looking farm skyscraper. That future may be nearer than you think. Meet the Hive-Inn farm by OVA Studio in Hong Kong, a concept that is still just in sketch form, but could be changing the way urbanites eat as soon as the next several years.

The Hive-Inn farm resembles a small skyscraper, and is essentially a vertical farm made up of individual containers, or farming modules. Each unit would play a role either in producing food, harvesting energy from the sun and rain, or recycling waste. Essentially, the whole “green building” would be a living ecosystem.  The Hive-Inn farm would produce fruits and vegetables that could be used by downtown Manhattan residents and businesses.

We spoke with Slimane Ouahes, the director at OVA Studio about the future of the project, and what it could mean for New York. Right now, he said, OVA does not have a client, and the idea is still in the planning stages.

“As [the farm] is local, there is nothing to hide, you can see your food growing, rebuild trust between the food production and your appetite, and it will be an attraction for visitors,” explained Ouahes. “Local restaurants would also produce their veggies in these containers and have much more control over the quality.”

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