Goldfish Announces New Carrot And Tomato Veggie Crackers

Ahead of the new year and, in turn, everyone's newfound commitment to health, Goldfish announced brand-new tomato- and carrot-flavored crackers — both of which contain one-third of a serving of vegetables per serving (57 crackers).

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Thanks to our friends at Pepperidge Farm, Daily Meal editors were able to test them ahead of their release and they're good, but tomato is best. It reminded us of tomato soup with regular, cheesy Goldfish on top in place of oyster crackers or croutons. This flavor combination had us feeling a little nostalgic because it's something we ate often as kids.

Carrot is fine, but less tasty. One editor said, "They have an odd sweetness to me that I just don't care for." To find the flavor, she had to really search for it. She then compared it to an earthy carrot that "hadn't been shaved." Our other tester thought it tasted just like the cheddar ones.

When you look at the nutrition facts, the tomato cracker has insubstantially more potassium, folate and thiamin per serving than regular Goldfish. Carrot accounts for 20% of the recommended intake of vitamin A, whereas cheddar has 0%. Fat content, sodium, carbohydrates and protein are practically the same, give or take. There is less cholesterol in the veggie flavors, though it's insignificant.

If you're getting this for health reasons, it's probably not going to help you out any more than regular Goldfish would. You have to eat 57 crackers for just one-third of a serving of vegetables. You'd be better off just eating a cup of carrots or tomatoes. You'd be saving yourself the sodium (the tomato crackers have 260 mg; carrot crackers have 250) and calories and getting all the actual nutrients from the fresh veggies.

If you're doing this for the taste, have at it. The tomato Goldfish are really good and we could definitely kill a bag of these without hesitation. The carrots ones ... not so much, doc.

If you want to try them yourself, Goldfish Veggie Crackers will be available at Kroger, Walmart and Publix starting in January, followed by a nationwide rollout in March. And hey, no matter which way you slice it, they're definitely better for you than the unhealthiest junk foods at the grocery store.