Election Day 2020: Free Food For Voters Via Uber Eats And Pizza To The Polls

With Election Day nearing, companies are inspiring people to get out to the polls and vote — and what better way to do that than with treats? Hot off the heels of Ben & Jerry's relaunch of Justice ReMix'd ice cream, Uber Eats has entered the chat with an array of food — for free.

The Most Popular Food Delivery Request by State

Many Americans are expecting long lines at polling sites across the country this year, so the food delivery service has partnered with Pizza to the Polls to help fight off hunger that may arise while you wait. The initiative is a response to the pandemic, the resulting poll worker shortages and social distancing measures limiting the number of people who can vote at one time.

While this won't be happening everywhere, more than 180 food trucks will deploy in more than 25 cities from Vote Early Day (Oct. 24) through Election Day (Nov. 3) offering free Shake Shack, Milk Bar and more while playing music and celebrating civil engagement.

Cities included in the initiative include: Phoenix; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Miami; Tampa, Florida; Orlando, Florida; Gainesville, Florida; Atlanta; Louisville, Kentucky; Detroit; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Minneapolis; Charlotte, North Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; Greensboro, North Carolina; Las Vegas; Reno, Nevada; New York City; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Houston; Austin, Texas; and Milkwaukee.

If you need a ride on Nov. 3, Uber is also offering up to 50% off rides up to $7 to and from your polling location. And in the event you're hungry waiting on the results, be prepared with these election-themed food and drink recipes everyone can agree on.