This New British Crisps Flavor Is So Posh: Prosecco & Elderberry Chips, Anyone?

The new Tesco chips flavor is Prosecco & Elderberry, which will be sold at all British Tesco supermarkets
They have Prosecco & Elderberry… and we have bBiscuits and gGravy chips. Makes sense.


They have Prosecco & Elderberry… and we have Biscuits and Gravy chips. Makes sense.

When it comes to bizarre chips flavors, we thought we’d seen them all.

After all, America has Southern Biscuits and Gravy and Wasabi Ginger chips, thanks to the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest.But the Brits have kicked the pretentiousness up a notch and created their own bizarre potato chip (excuse us, potato crisps) flavor: Prosecco & Elderberry.

The newest flavor from the Tesco U.K. supermarket brand is actually Prosecco & Elderberry. How they translate sparkling wine into potato chips is beyond our comprehension. Perhaps the crisps crackle like Pop Rocks?

But this is certainly not the first time the Brits have turned a greasy snack food into snobbery: Kettle Chips also came out with flavors that read more like entire four-star meals than chips: Gressingham Duck with Spring Onion and Plum Sauce, and Roasted Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic.

People are pretty enraged about this new posh snack attack on social media:

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