This Meat and Cheese Plate in a Cone Is a Mouthwatering Appetizer Upgrade

The Cheese Cone combines the portability of an ice cream cone with charcuterie instead of dessert and can be found in Australia

This ingenious invention had better make its way to America.

Have you ever been happily munching on a cheese and meat platter and thought, “Gee, they only thing that could possibly improve this moment is if I could take all of this cholesterol-laden deliciousness with me?” If so, your prayers have been answered. Australian companies Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh and Hunter Belle Cheese have teamed up to create the Cheese Cone. Meat, cheese, and breadsticks are wrapped up into one convenient cone-shaped bread receptacle. Unfortunately, for now, the Cheese Cone is only available at the Cheese Lovers Festival in Hunter Valley, Australia, but one can dream.

The Cheese Cone starts with an artisan flatbread that is filled with Brie, cranberry and pistachio Cheddar, salami, and a breadstick, and the entire thing is drizzled with a pear paste. The bottom of the cone is filled with yogurt — because after all that cheese, you’re probably craving even more dairy product.

"We wanted to combine ingredients that weren’t going to overpower each other,” Annie Chesworth, co-owner of Hunter Belle Cheese, told Mashable. “In any dish, it’s important to have a balanced palate; sweet, salty, and texture.”

Customers who got an early sneak-peek at the concoction unsurprisingly “devoured it in five minutes.”


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