McDonald's Netherlands Pays Tribute To New York, Hip-Hop, And Bagels In New Campaign

McDonald's Netherlands has launched its newest campaign, and it's all about channeling the vibe of New York City. The campaign surrounds the company's new burger, the New York Bagel Supreme.

To better translate New York City across the world, the company flew in six street artists from Bushwick Collective, a nonprofit art group based in Brooklyn, to paint versions of the new menu item on billboards, Adweek reported.

The campaign currently includes a music video for the song "New York Flavor" (from hip-hop group Artifacts and subway performer Denise Weeks) and a mini-documentary, "The Vibe of Bushwick NY."

The four-minute video highlights the work of Bushwick Collective and the history of New York and graffiti. Within the first minute, a disclaimer pops up on the screen that reads: "All Bushwick murals are painted with permission of the owners. McDonald's loves street art when done legally."