At Maguro House, You Can Have Tuna With Your House Music

Sashimi and house music are both crowd pleasers, but what would happen if you put them together? On December 28, guests at Club Asia in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward will get to find out for themselves. The event, Maguro House (Tuna House), is a type of tuna-dismantling show.

At these events, a team of fishmongers takes a large fish, carves it into sashimi, and then serves it to the audience. Meanwhile, other entertainment in the form of games and quizzes are provided for audience members. These shows have grown in popularity in recent years, according to RocketNews24, and have even turned up at the occasional wedding.

For Maguro House, an 88-pound tuna will be carved and served to the crowd in about 200 pieces, and accompanied by a DJ spinning house music, because why not? Tickets are 2,500 yen ($20 US) in advance and 3,000 yen ($25 US) at the door. Women can attend the event for free.