Germans Are Greeting Thousands of Hungry Refugees with Free Pizza

Germans Are Greeting Thousands of Hungry Refugees with Free Pizza


As thousands of refugees pour into Western Europe, many people are going out of their way to help.

The European migrant crisis has grown to epic proportions, as the wave of refugees from Syria and other unstable Middle Eastern and African countries continues to swell. Although much of Europe tried at first to place restrictions on the incoming migrants, many countries, under comprehensive plans from the European Union, have committed to helping and housing thousands who need it most.

Germany, which has committed to giving shelter to 800,000 people, is also extending a warm and delicious welcome to the refugees in the form of fresh pizza.

An Italian pizzeria in Munich, Lovely Pizza, greeted the throng of thousands seeking asylum with party-sized pizzas and pasta this week at the Munich Fairgrounds, according to NBC News. Many of the new arrivals were escaping the perils of the Syrian civil war, and most have very little to go back to in their own homeland.

"Germany, good!" one of the incoming migrants said, as he took a slice of pizza.

Germany, along with several other European countries, including the U.K. and France, is expected to welcome thousands of migrants annually for the next several years.

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