There is no food too strange or too wiggly for the deep-fryer at a state fair.


Deep-Fried Jell-O Wins First Place at Texas State Fair

Deep-fried Jell-O and other heart-stopping fried fare competed for the Big Tex Choice Award at the Texas State Fair

From deep-fried bubblegum to bacon-doughnut sliders, state fair fare isn’t for the faint of heart.

This year, deep-fried Jell-O took home top honors at the Texas State Fair.

The Big Tex Choice Awards winner was made with cherry Jell-O in a flash-fried panko-breaded coating and then dusted with powdered sugar. It was topped with whipped cream and a cherry, of course. The deep-fried Jell-O had some pretty stiff competition out there among a sea of bacon grease and deep-fryers. The creator of this unique dish, Ruth Hauntz, has been a concessionaire at the state fair for 28 years.

Other Big Tex finalists included a deep-fried bacon burger dog slider on a stick, deep-fried pulled pork “FUNYUN” rings, and a chicken pot pie pocket with mac ‘n cheese dip.

This year’s Most Creative Award went to the Cookie Fries: cookies that are crinkle-cut and made to look exactly like French fries but taste like chocolate chip or sprinkles cookies, and it comes with strawberry sauce “ketchup” on the side. 

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