Berlin Restaurant Goes Nude for a Day

Diners and staff went nude as part of Venus, Berlin’s annual erotic fair
Black Cat Berlin

Black Cat Berlin

Completely nude diners were offered free meals, and topless diners were given free drinks.

Nude restaurants seem to be all the rage these days, with pop-ups in London, Australia, and, at the end of this month, Japan, inviting customers to bare it all for a unique dining experience.

Last week, the Black Cat, a Berlin eatery that is usually known for its burgers, invited customers to dine in the nude as part of an annual erotic fair known as Venus, Travel + Leisure reported.

Guests were greeted by a nude Playboy model. Those who dined in the nude ate for free, and those who dined bare-chested got free drinks, the Daily Mail detailed.

The stunt captured the attention of local news outlets as well as a few local celebrities.

Restaurant chef and art collector Karl Kinsky said, “Nudity brings looseness. For me, this is what makes art. And I support any form of art.”

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