Toys “R” Us is Selling a Terrifying Guy Fieri Costume

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Do you want to take on Flavortown for Halloween?
Toys “R” Us is Selling a Terrifying Guy Fieri Costume

Toys “R” Us is Selling a Terrifying Guy Fieri Costume

Quick! List the scariest costumes you can think of. Perhaps a really good impersonation of Jigsaw from the Saw movies or this bloody costume that makes our knees weak to just look at it. Whatever it is you thought of, it can’t come close to this particularly horrifying unauthorized Guy Fieri costume that is being sold by Toys “R” Us. Actually, it’s being dubbed a “celebrity chef wig and goatee.” Meaning that for just $9.75 (on sale from $14.99), you can look vaguely like the King of Flavortown, a truly screamtastic addition to any Halloween party this year.

Since Toys “R” Us unfortunately is only selling Fieri’s trademark aging rock star hair and goatee, you’ll have to use your imagination to fill in the rest of the costume. We recommend getting a loud polo or short-sleeved button-down shirt (preferably adorned with flames, or a split-color scheme. Then you’ll want to be wearing a ton of jewelry, like multiple watches and a knuckle ring or two. Don’t forget your cool bro sunglasses, and show up to any Halloween party with a plateful of pork rinds, ketchup, and bacon-topped macaroni and cheese.

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