This Tiny Hamster is a Bartender in Japan

This is Ginji, and he wants you to relax at the bar for a while

Gingji is a Japanese hamster who runs a tiny tavern.

Ginji the hamster is the proprietor of a tiny izakaya that exists somewhere inside the home of Kosuke Sato, according to Rocket News 24

Ginji’s Twitter account claims that he is in fact Sato’s boss, and not the other way around, even though Sato is a human.

According to the translation provided by Rocket News 24, Ginji is a warm and welcoming barkeep who says things like, “Thanks for coming in! You had a pretty hectic week at work, huh? I can tell by the look on your face!”

Ginji’s izakaya is stocked with specially-ordered miniature interior furnishings, and his menu reportedly includes sashimi, nigiri-style sushi, soba noodles, curry rice, and a decent drink collection including sake and Japanese beers. Even without opposable thumbs, his knife skills appear to be extensive.

However, even though Ginji has his own well-stocked casual bar and restaurant, he’s also not immune to the late-night appeal of the convenience store.

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