Taco Bell Launched a Sriracha-Based Menu

Taco Bell is testing a menu in the Kansas City area that features the infamous rooster sauce
Taco Bell Launched a Sriracha-Based Menu
Taco Bell

What would you say to your favorite T-Bell items topped off with Sriracha?

Taco Bell is testing new menu items that are sure to make heat seekers happy: an entire menu devoted to Taco Bell favorites doused in sriracha sauce. Taco Bell is testing the menu in Kansas City, where lucky T-Bell fans can choose from the Sriracha Beef Griller (grilled steak rollup with sriracha) Sriracha Taco and Taco Supreme, Sriracha Quesarito (quesadilla/burrito mashup) or Quesarito Box (a box full of these hybrids and a drink), Sriracha Nachos, and the Sriracha Grande Scrambler (this looks to be scrambled eggs, cheese, hashbrowns and a tortilla with sriracha).

As a note to rooster fans, Taco Bell is actually using a sriracha crema, which will likely be a creamier, less-spicy version of the regular sriracha sauce, but will still deliver a kick. The items will be tested at various Kansas City-area now through mid-November. The Daily Meal has contacted Taco Bell to learn when the sriracha menu will be added nationwide.

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