Starbucks Adds Cups, Tumblers And More Drinkware Ordering To Its App

It might go without saying, but restaurants are a lot different now than they were before coronavirus began to spread in America. Many of us are placing our orders online for delivery or pickup to spend less time in stores. Perhaps due to that trend, Starbucks has added some of its merchandise for puchase on its mobile app.

Coronavirus Coffee Trends During Quarantine

That's right, you can now purchase drinkware through the Starbucks app, so when you go to order your grande cold brew with soy and two pumps of vanilla, you'll have a nice new cup waiting for you too.

To find the offerings, go to the order page on your app and scroll past drinks, food and at-home coffee until you come to drinkware. Once you click on that, you'll find a mixture of water bottles, cold cups and tumblers. You can also buy a small Starbucks-branded brown paper shopping bag that appears to be free of charge with a purchase.

Exact items may vary by store, but if you're in the market to safely pick up some order-ahead drinkware, now's your time to shine. If you're good on cups and you're only interested in making barista-quality coffee from home, here are our best tips and recipes for a crave-worthy cup of joe.