This Starbucks Had a “Pay it Forward” Chain of 378 People

One act of kindness at a Florida Starbucks drive-through inspired almost 400 people to pay for the person behind them
This Starbucks Had a “Pay it Forward” Chain of 378 People

If only we ran into this type of behavior every day.

A pay it forward chain is seriously making us smile today. One woman at a Starbucks drive-through in St. Petersburg, Florida decided to pay for the person’s coffee behind her, which started a chain of goodwill, as the next person after her decided to pay for the person behind them. And the person after that. And so on, and so forth, until a chain of 378 people had participated in a giant “Pay it Forward” act.

At first the baristas were in awe of the simple acts of kindness, and then they began posting a tally sheet to count the number of people who wished to participate in the random act of kindness chain.

The chain started with the one woman paying for her morning coffee at 7 a.m. and ended at 6 p.m., where one customer did not wish to participate, but one barista did say that she believed that the 379th customer did not understand the concept of “pay it forward.”

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