Soon You’ll Be Able to Order Starbucks Without Leaving Home

Starbucks plans to offer an order-ahead feature on their app, letting patrons just walk in, pick up their drink, and walk out

Will Starbucks' order-ahead system speed up or slow down their service?

Starbucks is becoming a mobile hub. First the coffee giant started to roll out charging stations at multiple locations, and now Starbucks will be implementing an order-ahead system on its mobile app, which will allow you to order your daily venti iced mocha without leaving the comfort of your home (or gym, if you’re ambitious).  Starbucks has confirmed that this is not a test or an experiment, and that the service will soon be available nationwide.

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Of course there are limitations. What if a customer who intends on picking up his or her beverage gets stuck in traffic and arrives to a cold cup of coffee, or melting iced drink? But Starbucks isn’t worried.

“We’re determined to get this right, and get things down to a science,” chief digital officer Adam Brotman told Re/Code.

There are also whispers that Starbucks is looking to expand their mobile payment platform to be used in other stores, which would put them in competition with Bitcoin and Google Wallet. One thing’s for sure: Starbucks’ future-oriented business model isn’t slowing down any time soon.

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