Cookies & Creme Twix, Skittles Dips Coming to a Store Near You

There’s a lot of candy coming in 2020
skittles dips
Photo modified: Courtesy of Mars Wrigley

Yogurt-covered pretzels ran so yogurt-covered Skittles could fly — or try to, at least. The new product, dubbed Skittles Dips, was just announced by Mars Wrigley and is expected to hit store shelves in 2020. Each pack includes the five original flavors — strawberry, orange, grape, green apple and lemon — covered in a yogurt-flavored coating. But are they any good? Well, not quite. 

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Thanks to our friends at Mars Wrigley, The Daily Meal staffers were able to taste-test Skittles Dips ahead of their release date, and they’re fine, but unnecessary. Unlike other yogurt-covered products, the coating doesn’t really stick to the candy. There are some great sweet treats out there that have contrasting textures, but there’s a disconnect here in the sense that the coating slides off on its own before you can even crack into the Skittle within. 

Plus, some Skittles just don’t go with the “yogurt-flavored” (what is yogurt-flavored?) coating. The orange one worked because orange plus cream equals creamsicle, but the grape variety? Baby, no. 

On the other hand, new Twix Cookies & Creme are a gift from the heavens. The two-piece candy bar features a chocolate cookie base with a soft, cream-filled center and crunchy cookie bits covered in milk chocolate. The flavor is absolutely fantastic. Twix is beautiful the way it is, but you can’t go wrong with cookies and cream. In fact, it’s a much better Oreo candy bar than the actual Oreo candy bar. Imagine crumbling this thing over ice cream? Ç’est magnifique! Try it for yourself when Twix Cookies & Creme rolls out in January 2020.

twix cookies and creme

Courtesy of Mars Wrigley

Last but not least is new Fudge Brownie M&M’s, a product that was teased earlier this summer. The name kind of insinuates that it’s a fudge brownie filled with M&M’s, but it’s actually M&M’s with fudge brownie filling inside. Using these to make cookies and actual brownies sounds like a million-dollar idea. 

m&ms fudge brownie

Courtesy of Mars Wrigley

Fudge Brownie M&M’s are fun, dense gobs of chewy fudge brownie stuffed inside the traditional candy shell. They’re much bigger than your average M&M’s, and they’re very rich. Our editors, noted that one person probably couldn’t eat a whole bag, but rather three or four at a time. The latest reinvention of the classic candy will officially go on sale in the spring of 2020. They’re good, but they don’t hold a candle to the most popular candy that debuted the year you were born.