Secrets of America’s First Families through Food History

Secrets of America’s First Families through Food History
Secrets of America’s First Families through Food History
Wikimedia Commons/Daniel Schwen

An upcoming series will explore American history through the presidential kitchen cabinets.

A new series from the Presidential Culinary Museum and the Presidential Service Center called the President’s Cabinet is slated to debut in spring of 2015 on TVtibi, and will uncover secrets of First Families throughout American history, all through the lens of food.

Among the subjects that the President’s Cabinet will explore will be Jefferson’s “bribing people to smuggle rice across the Italian border, his illicit love affairs, fancy for French crème brûlée, and love of Italian pasta," as well as Nixon’s “love of [ketchup] on cottage cheese.”

All the way back to Washington, each First Family and the intersection of their food and politics will be explored and re-enacted, including:

“President Washington's secret records of his black slave servants and Top Chef, Hercules, who ran away; Vladimir Putin's lies expressed in front of the world after dining in 2001 on chocolate caviar, Julia Child's slam letter on the White House food and service, the Clintons’ love of mangoes and bananas, servants that ripped off and stole from the Presidents’ homes and bank accounts, the Bush family’s favorite hot sauce, and President Lincoln's first love, Ann, and her squash pie — and where he was really born...”

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