A Scientist In Spain Has Created Color-Changing Ice Cream

For his master's thesis, a physicist and electrical engineer from Spain turned his attention to ice cream. Scientist Michael Linares has created an ice cream he called Xamaleón, which changes in color from lavender to magenta, when you lick it.

The secret dessert technology is known thus far as "love elixir," and Linares told Gizmodo that the color-changing spray contains only natural ingredients, and that the whole color-changing process is just a matter of chemistry.

"Any food can change color depending on temperature and oxidation," said Linares.

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For now, Xamaleón ice cream is only available at Linares' ice cream shop, IceXperience, in Girona, Spain. Linares is currently working on two more chameleonic ice creams — one that reacts to the UV light in nightclubs, and another that turns from white to pink on its own.

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.