'Rival' Is The Live 'Iron Chef' That You Can Participate In

Rival, a new live competitive cooking experience, is looking to bring the best elements of stadium-style cooking shows like Iron Chef out of your TV screen and into your stomachs. Right now, Rival is in Kickstarter mode, but if they meet their goals, the Rival experience will be able to sell tickets to a live culinary competition in which top chefs, including local favorites and international celebrities, will battle for the top score as judged (and tasted) by the live audience.

Chefs participating include Michelin-starred chef Ken Frank of La Toque, James Beard award-winning chef Bradley Ogden. Chef Ken Frank will also be leading the experience, in addition to restaurateurs Stephen Walker and Kelley Jones. The entertainment aspects of Rival are led by filmmaker and games expert Jason Akel and TV producer Rob Weiss.

"Our team wants to give hundreds of rising star and well-established chefs an opportunity to showcase their full talents outside their home environment," said Jason Akel. "Chefs have been coming on board for the spirited competition opportunity and to create new fans of their work."

Right now, the kitchen arena is located in San Francisco, but the team will look to expand to other cities in the future. Tickets cost between $149 and $299 per person, and participants will be able to sample the eight-course meal prepared by the two battling contestants, and vote based on presentation, creativity, and taste.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi