Restaurant Offers Discount For Diners Who Put Away Phones

Sneaky’s Chicken in Sioux City, Iowa gives a 10 percent discount for customers who put their phones in a box
Restaurant Offers Discount For Diners Who Put Away Phones

Instagram photos are not encouraged at this restaurant.

The owners of Sneaky’s Chicken were getting tired of customers sitting around in silence on their phones while enjoying a meal. So they decided to do something about it. The Sioux City, Iowa restaurant is giving a 10 percent discount to all customers who willingly put their phone into a box (and away from food-porn-posting temptation) for the duration of their meal.

The Wright family, who own the restaurant, say that they’ve gotten quite a lot of support for their anti-cell phone endeavor.

"As a family that does a ton of group texting and calling we understand the importance of our cell phones....we just thought it was a fun and different idea. We never dreamed that it would take off like this!"

As blogging and Instagramming food snapshots has become more popular in recent years, some restaurants like Sneaky’s Chicken and a few others (one that banned Google Glass, and another that blamed cell phone usage for slow service), have grown resentful of the trend. Others have completely embraced it, like Jose Garces’ restaurant, where phone chargers are served on silver platters.

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