Ray Rice Blames Hard Liquor for Assault, but Wine is Okay

Ray Rice Blames Hard Liquor for Assault, but Wine is Okay

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Ray Rice Blames Hard Liquor for Assault on Wife

 Ray Rice told the Baltimore Ravens that the horrifying attack on then-fiancée Janay Palmer in the elevator of the Revel Hotel and Casino was triggered by hard liquor, reports TMZ Sports.

Rice and Palmer had reportedly been “drinking heavily before the altercation,” but in the words of TMZ, “Rice is telling friends he becomes a different person when he boozes it up.”

Sources also claim that Rice and his wife have turned to religious piety to make amends, and were apparently baptized as born again Christians in March, after the assault in February.

Since news of the video footage recently broke, the Rice family has attempted to maintain a united front, with Janay Rice using social media to call out those who wished to “take all happiness away.”

TMZ Sports also reports that Rice “still drinks wine” because while hard liquor has proven to ignite an inclination to knock his wife unconscious, other kinds of alcohol are still fair game.

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