Pabst to Bring Back Ballantine India Pale Ale in September

Pabst Brewing Company will resurrect a classic India Pale Ale that dates back to 1878

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Ballantine's classic India Pale Ale returns to shelves in September.

In September, Pabst Brewing Company will bring back Ballantine India Pale Ale, a legendary American brew that lost prominence in the 1970s as larger brands took over, reports USA Today.

Although Pabst has owned the brand since 1975, the company had no existing recipe or notes to recreate the original pale ale, so Pabst’s brew master Greg Deuhs turned to analytic reports from decades past that tracked the ale's attributes (alcohol, bitterness, gravity level), and conducted research on what ingredients were in popular use.

“The IPA uses four different malts and eight different hops, as well as hop oil to finish it off. American oak chips are used in the process, harking back to the oak and cypress barrels used for the original beer,” according to USA Today.

In September, Ballantine IPA will be available in nine northeastern and Mid-Atlantic stores (including New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland) in six-packs and 750 milliliter bottles.

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