P90X Founder Now Selling Health Food Line at 7-Eleven

Fitness Guru Tony Horton has teamed up with, of all places, 7-Eleven to sell a line of nutritional foods and drinks
P90X Founder Now Selling Health Food Line at 7-Eleven

This is a pretty surprising location for a Tony Horton food line.

7-Eleven, the home of deep-fried, cheese-stuffed Doritos, and the Double Big Gulp 64-ounce soft drink beverage, will soon be selling fitness guru Tony Horton’s new line of healthy food and drinks. Tony Horton is best known as the founder and creator of P90X, the workout DVD series known for its intensity. Now, 104 7-Eleven locations in California will be carrying Horton’s line of nutritionally balanced fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, and cold-pressed juices, and there’s talk of expanding the healthy products nationwide.

But don’t get your king-size candy bar wrappers in a bunch: 7-Eleven is not about to give up on slightly nauseating, packaged junk foods: rather, the pressed juices will be sold side-by-side with Twinkies and Slurpees.

"We can provide a convenient way for healthy and fitness-oriented consumers to fuel their daily lives," says Raja Doddala, senior director for innovation at 7-Eleven in a press release.

The new menu items include grilled chicken with blueberry mustard on a whole-grain sub; a spicy quinoa salad with chimichurri, a black bean hummus wrap, and several juice varieties.

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