New Häagen-Dazs Gelato, and More Products We Tried

New Häagen-Dazs Gelato, and More Products We Tried
New Haäagen-Dazs Gelato, and  More Products We Tried

This caramelized banana-chip gelato is calling our name.

The Daily Meal is bringing you weekly round ups of the best new food and drink products on the market. From unusual snacks and drinks to new flavors of your favorite products, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to scour the Internet or the shelves of your local grocery store to find out what’s new.

What could be better than Italian-style sorbetto? How about Ruffino Prosecco Sorbetto with Clementine from il laboratorio del gelato? This crisp, citrusy treat is accented with the subtle notes of Italy’s best bubbly and is sold at il labororatorio del gelato, or can be ordered online.

Get the taste of movie theater butter without all the chemicals with Smartfood’s new Movie Theater Butter Popcorn: gluten-free and made with none of the junk that goes into real movie theater popcorn butter.

Did you hear that Häagen-Dazs now makes gelato? The newest creamy flavors include caramelized-banana chip, pistachio, pomegranate swirl, and tiramisu. Our favorite is definitely the banana gelato with semi-sweet chocolate chips!

Can’t decide on caramel or cheesy popcorn? Popcorn, Indiana’s newest Caramel & Cheese Popcorn, combines the best of both worlds.

How would you characterize a summer in the city? Hot subways? Dripping air conditioners? Edy’s new Summer in the City Cheesecake Ice Cream reminds us why we actually like a summer in New York with vanilla swirled with graham cracker and cheesecake chunks.

Jojo’s Sriracha is amping up their spicy sauce game with a new, limited-edition wine-infused sriracha sauce made with Ravenswood zinfandel chili sauce for a totally unique flavor. Now, if only we could make sriracha-infused wine. 

It is actually possible to sip on healthy lemonade! Check out Mama Chia’s new strawberry lemonade, at only 120 calories and 14 grams of sugar per 10-ounce bottle (compared with over 26 grams of sugar in a bottle of Minute Maid lemonade!).

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Tired of giving your kids fruit in regular old-pitted or juiced form? Then you may want to give Bolthouse’s Fruit Tubes a try: a creamy fruit concoction available in various natural flavors like mango meets banana and pineapple, and strawberry meets banana.

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