New Doughnut Flavor is a First for Dunkin’ Donuts

For the first time, Dunkin’ Donuts is releasing a collection of coffee-flavored doughnuts

We have to wonder… why haven’t they thought of this before?

Dunkin’ Donuts is creating a new line of coffee-flavored doughnuts for the first time ever. We aren’t sure why this has never been thought of before (after all, coffee is Dunkin’s second-most-famous product).

The glazed coffee crème doughnut and the coffee, crème, and sugar doughnut are both made with Dunkin’s freshly-brewed coffee. The regular glazed coffee doughnut features a glazed doughnut shell filled with coffee buttercream and drizzled with chocolate icing, while the new coffee, crème, and sugar doughnut is a doughnut shell filled with the same coffee-flavored buttercream, and topped with powdered sugar.

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The sweet treats are only available for a limited time at participating locations, so we recommend getting out there and fulfilling your coffee and doughnut fix all at once. While you’re there, you may want to also pick up a French vanilla or hazelnut swirl, Dunkin’s sweeter and creamier versions of their most popular coffee varieties (because of course your flavored coffee needs to be a little bit closer to a dessert than a morning drink).

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