This New 3D Printer Prints Out Delicious Frosted Cookies

Is the future of food in 3D printing? You may not exactly have 3D printers on your local store shelves, but 3D-printed food has certainly been making strides in the industry, from 3D Systems printed pizza and printed pasta shapes from the Foodini machine, to more unusual innovations like soft food for the elderly that's designed to look like regular whole food. But the latest news from 3D printing technology is printed cookies. The XYZ printer has come up with a way of turning white bread (or dough and flour), ink, and chocolate frosting into 3D-printed cookies with sweet frosting designs on them.

As with most 3D printing technology, the cookies are simply prepared, and are not actually baked (you have to do that part yourself). But the result looks kind of like fancy Pop-Tarts. XYZ told Digital Trends that the device will likely be extremely useful for bakeries in the future. The 3D printer will be available for purchase later this year, with the possibility of a pizza printer sometime soon after that. A price has not yet been set, but according to RT, estimates range from $500 to $1,900.