Musical Vices: Chefs Reveal Their Guilty Pleasure Tunes

In keeping with this year's theme of food and music, the James Beard Foundation dedicated a section of the most recent member newsletter to finding out the guilty pleasure tunes of some of the James Beard Award's gala chefs.

From the JBF's music issue:

"Just like food vices (curly fries, anyone?) everyone has a guilty pleasure musical treat they indulge in, says the JBF's music issue. when the mood strikes (and shhh, more than a few of our staffers copped to Katy Perry.)"

You'll be pleased to know that although these chefs are among the most talented members of the food world, their guilty pleasures are unabashedly unrefined and potentially embarrassing.

Among the things we learned are that Jonathan Benno (Lincoln Ristorante) loves Notorious B.I.G., Andy Ticer (Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen) loves the soundtrack from Rocky, and Naomi Pomeroy (Beast restaurant) likes Aaliyah and Timbaland's "Are you that Somebody."

Find out the rest of the gala chef's musical vices on the James Beard Foundation's website.

Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.