‘Mind of a Chef’ Season 3, Part 2 Takes Us to Sweden

Sweden's Magnus Nilsson will host 'Mind of a Chef,' season three, part two

"In a room full of the best chefs in the world, all eyes will be on him," says Anthony Bourdain of Magnus Nilsson.

Season three, part two of The Mind of a Chef will premiere Saturday, November 1, and feature chef Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken in Sweden. 

“There is no one, absolutely no one, as 'out there' – figuratively, and quite literally - as Magnus Nilsson,” said the show’s narrator and executive producer Anthony Bourdain. “He sets a new bar for commitment and for creativity. In a room full of the best chefs in the world, all eyes will be on him."

Nilsson’s eight-episode arc will feature local ingredients and culinary techniques from his native Sweden and nearby Norway. Later in the season, Nilsson will also travel to Paris to explore the influence of his early cooking experiences. Finally, the season will end with a glimpse at the Fäviken staff’s preparations for a night of service.

"Magnus Nilsson’s eight episodes on this season of The Mind of a Chef are a great example of how the series pushes the traditional boundaries of food television," said Executive Producer Joe Caterini.

"Magnus was able to give us an all-access look at his restaurant Fäviken in Sweden, and allowed us to document his world to help understand what goes into maintaining what some say is the most creative and surprising restaurant on the planet. We are excited to share this unique story.”

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