Martha Stewart Named Her Holiday Spread ‘Conscious Coupling’

Martha Stewart continues to throw some choicely-worded shade at Gwyneth Paltrow

Martha Stewart Named Her Thanksgiving Pie Spread ‘Conscious Coupling’

Martha Stewart does not take territory invaders lightly, and she’s not about to go easy on Gwyneth Paltrow, fellow lifestyle guru (or pretender to the throne, if Martha has anything to say about it).

Not long ago, Stewart told Net-a-Porter magazine that her wannabe rival “just needs to be quiet” and stick to her life as a movie star, or else continue to fall short of “trying to be Martha Stewart.”

Now, Martha is back with a bolder, highly stylized, and pretty personal dig at Gwyneth: in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living, M. Diddy dedicated six pages to Thanksgiving pies, in a spread called “Conscious Coupling.”

It is, of course, a sharp nod to Paltrow’s description of her divorce earlier this year from Chris Martin, which she called “Conscious Uncoupling.”

"Every Thanksgiving table should be blessed with the presence of a long-married pair who bring out the best in each other, are completely enamored despite their differences, and leave ever other guests thinking, ‘I'll have what they're having,’" Stewart continues, referencing more than just the “perfect marriage of crust and filling.” 

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