Man On Quest To Drink Coffee With All His Facebook Friends

Matthew Kuleza, a 28-year-old student in Melbourne, Australia, is on a quest to get coffee with each and every single one of his Facebook friends, of which he has more than 1,000. Kuleza is keeping a Tumblr blog and separate Facebook page dedicated to the project, which tells us that, as of September 27, he's up to his 23rd coffee date.

Matthew has given himself a time limit of "the next three years, or as long as it takes..." to complete his project, 1000+ Coffees.

Not unlike comedian Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he's also keeping tabs on the nature of his relationship with his friend, and what kind of coffee they drink during each session.

According to Matthew's most recent coffee get-togethers, he's developed a taste for a Melbourne specialty drink known as "the magic," described in Matthew's own words as "double ristretto (yeah, I dunno either), served with minimal (or equal parts?) milk. Either way, it was awesome and made me feel slightly psycho all day."

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.