kentucky fried wings kfc
Courtesy of KFC

KFC’s New ‘Kentucky Fried Wings’ Are Finger Lickin' Good

The new offering is a permanent addition to the menu
kentucky fried wings kfc
Courtesy of KFC

KFC recently announced that it would be adding bone-in chicken wings to its menu permanently. The brand-new offering, dubbed Kentucky Fried Wings, are breaded and currently come dipped in your choice of three sauces — Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Nashville Hot — or you can order them plain. We all know that some wings are much better than others, so are these actually any good?

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Thanks to the Colonel, Daily Meal staffers were able to conduct a little taste test at our office in New York City. It’s important to note that the nearest KFC restaurant is a 20-minute drive (without traffic) and 25-minute train ride (if the subway isn’t broken), so while these wings weren’t as crispy as they would have been had we eaten them in-store, they still ge two thumbs-up. 

Each wing had good flavor — even the unsauced variety, which still packed a spicy kick and were well-seasoned. And these aren't just Original Recipe fried chicken wings; representatives for the brand told us that the breading is a completely new, never-before-seen formula.

The formerly limited-time Nashville Hot flavor, which has been a part of the KFC menu for a while now, was too spicy for some, but not spicy enough for others. Most agreed that it was fine, but that it doesn’t have anything on real Nashville Hot Chicken. For a fast food restaurant, though, it’s pretty dang good.

kentucky fried wings kfc

Taylor Rock/The Daily Meal

Honey BBQ sauce is new for KFC. The chain previously offered Smoky Mountain BBQ sauce, but that had an oil-based dry-rub element to it. The sauce on these wings is more like a traditional barbecue sauce that you'd find in a bottle at the grocery store. It was perfectly sweet and glazed really well. This sauce was our staff favorite.

Buffalo sauce is also new for the chain. It had that clasic Buffalo sauce flavor, and we enjoyed it just fine. Once again, the spiciness was subjective to individual taste-testers because some of us like spice, while others break a sweat at the lick of mild heat. It definitely had a kick that spicy food lovers will appreciate, but it's not overwhelmingly hot.

The wings were meaty and just the right size, and if you want to supplement your saucing, KFC offers ranch, honey mustard, Buffalo and a handful of other sauces on the side.

If you want to try them for yourself, go forth knowing that we approve. You can buy a six-piece order of wings for $5, a 12-piece for $9.99, a 24-piece for $18.99 and a 48-piece for $36.99. The largest size is available for delivery because while it takes just a few minutes to prepare smaller orders, the folks in the cars behind you at the drive-thru might get a little irritated waiting for your 48 wings to come out of the fryer.


Luckily for you, you don’t need to wait at the drive-thru either. Now through Nov. 24, customers in the U.S. will get free delivery on orders of $12 or more when they order KFC through Grubhub or Seamless. But if you don’t live near a KFC, you can always grab some wet naps and get to work on America’s best Buffalo wings.