It’s Back! Re-Live Your Twin Peaks Doughnut Obsession

The creator of the cult classic Twin Peaks TV show has confirmed that the show will be coming back for another season in 2016

For those not in the know, do yourself a favor and Netflix this show and its doughnut-loving stars.

Twin Peaks, the quirky, sometimes-disturbing detective thriller from the early 90s, is coming back for a new season in 2016 more than 25 years after the short-lived cult classic aired.The nine episode sequel will be airing on ABC next year, and we for one, can’t wait, if only to see the return of the show’s unusual obsession with doughnuts and damn good coffee. Doughnuts, coffee and pie were a continuing motif throughout the show’s two-year run.

Someone even made a fan tribute to the show by putting together every mention of pie and coffee into one video.

But as Grub Street pointed out, the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington might look quite a bit different than it did 25 years ago when it comes to doughnuts and coffee. We now live in an age of hispterfied everything, so Twin Peaks locals might find themselves hankering for pastry hybrids and artisan coffee blends, rather than a damn fine cup o' joe.

New York Times dining critic Pete Wells, and a number of Twin Peaks fans speculated on the change in the coffee/pie/doughnut scene in the fictional quirky town of Twin Peaks.

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