Inside Per Se's Truffle Dinner

We had a chance to celebrate the start of summer truffle season with a dinner at Per Se

Per Se welcomed the start of summer truffle season with a six-course dinner.

To celebrate the unofficial start of Australia’s black truffle season (late May through August), Per Se's Thomas Keller partnered with Truffle & Wine Co., Australia’s leading distributor, to create an indulgent tasting menu featuring the Périgord truffles of Manjimup, Western Australia.

Throughout the summer, restaurants around the United States will be featuring black truffles on their menu.

We had the opportunity to welcome truffle season with chef Keller at Per Se and “truffle commander” Frank Brunacci, a native Australian who now heads the distribution of Australian truffles in the United States.

Australian black winter truffle "tarte"


Roasted bitter chocolate and truffle black pudding 


Jade Tiger green-lip abalone 


Poached tenderloin of beef

So far, Beautique in New York City, Grace in Chicago, and Republique in Los Angeles are among the restaurants that will offer truffles this summer.

Per Se’s truffle dinner also marked the official debut of the Shaved Truffle Pilsner from Moody Tongue brewmaster Jared Rouben, who was tasked with concocting a truffle beer to welcome the summer season.

Rouben, who spent several years developing the ideal way to incorporate the truffle into the right beer style, uses a particular method of “culinary brewing” that applies cooking techniques to the beer-making process.


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