NECCO Welcomes New Emoticon And Moustache Candy Heart Designs; Retires U R Hot

Sadly, you'll no longer be able to win over your Valentine with a "U R Hot" candy heart. NECCO is rolling out eight new Sweethearts candy heart designs for Valentine's Day, including a smiley face, an image of a moustache, and "Girl Power." To make room for these sweet new slogans, NECCO will also be retiring "U R Hot," "Occupy My Heart" (a holdover from the Occupy Wall Street days?), "Love Me," "Tweet," and "Shine Bright."

"We have to evaluate what's modern, what's hot, how people are actually communicating," Mary Lane, social media specialist for NECCO told the New York Daily News. "We want to see how many ways we can say 'I love you.'"

Apparently the cool kids aren't tweeting their affections anymore, but are expressing them in other languages: "Te Amo" and "Je T'Aime" are also in the new lineup, along with "Pugs & Kittens," "BFF," and "Love to Dance."

We will miss you, "U R Hot," but It certainly won't be as traumatic as when NECCO got rid of its well-known, though obsolete "Fax Me."