Is This the Most Expensive New Year’s Eve Dinner Ever?

Empire Steak celebrates New Year’s Eve with a whopping $21,000 dinner
Is This the Most Expensive New Year’s Eve Dinner Ever?

It makes your lavish bottle of bubbly look cheap in comparison, doesn’t it?

There’s no doubt that New Year’s Eve is an expensive holiday: good Champagne isn’t cheap, and if you’re going out anywhere, restaurants and bars are sure to jack up the prices for simple cocktails and pigs in a blanket. But chances are, your New Year’s celebration won’t touch the lavishness of Empire Steak’s $21,000 dinner for two available for the celebratory couple that has everything on December 31.

If you’re wondering how exactly a steak dinner could possibly cost that much money, Empire Steakhouse, located on West 54th Street in New York, breaks it down for you. The dinner will start out when you’re handed two snifter glasses of Richard Hennessy Cognac as you enter the restaurant (likely in your three-inch Louboutin heels, with your date sporting Armani), followed by a round of appetizers:  four ounces of caviar and Empire’s Seafood Platter (lobster, jumbo lump crabmeat, clams, oysters, and tuna tartare), paired with one bottle of Dom Pérignon. You’ll then be able to feast on Japanese-imported Kobe ribeye steak, white truffle mashed potatoes, and black truffle creamed spinach, all paired with one bottle of Château Pétrus. For dessert, dig into crème brûlée infused with Taylor Fladgate port.

And if that isn’t enough, the lucky diners will also receive $1,000 in gift certificates for upcoming dining experiences. For the couple who have arrived with champagne tastes but beer pockets, the restaurant also offers a less extravagant tasting menu for $99 per person. 

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